Poietic of the otherness: Toward a figure of places

The subject of this thesis is an exploration of the place through a specific practice of the landscape, as shown in our various works of installation art realized in Brazil. To which figures does our investigative approach give rise notably when the writing takes over the practice of the landscape ?

If through the expression of poietic of the landscape we intend to question the way a plastic practice is articulated with the notions of place and space, we address this question through other notions, among them story as giving rise to a word which reappears into the process of creation. What might this word be ? To what image(s) does it give rise ? What is this “other” that emerges throughout our movements and appears as the motivation of our research ?

At a time marked by globalization, where artistic practices are being hybridized through contact with other cultures, where work in situ is questioned by a certain nomadism (we think of works that integrate walking in their process), we attempt here to bring to the surface what can appear as some profound motivations of these movements.

Christine Enrègle, September 2008

Discipline : Arts plastiques et sciences de l’art
UFR 04 : Ecole doctorale d’Arts Plastiques, Cinéma et Sciences de l’Art
47, rue des Bergers 75015 Paris


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